living, leading, and medicine

the NCFM leadership project

Living, Leading & Medicine is an innovative leadership track aimed at enhancing the everyday leadership skills of NCFM’s resident physicians.

Living, Leading & Medicine focuses on leadership at 3 different levels: Leading Inward, Leading Outward and Leading Upward. Every year, we dedicate one meeting to each of these essential levels of leadership – for a total of 9 topics over 3 years of residency.

  • Leading Inward pertains to developing your personal, individual leadership skills and knowledge. These sessions are anchored on the fundamental leadership principle that how you lead is based on who you are. The more you understand yourself – your goals, strengths, and blind spots – the more effectively you can lead.

  • Leading Outward addresses your key relationships and networks. These sessions serve to provide the tools to navigate the pitfalls that beset leaders and enable you to engage the people around you to get important work done.

  • Leading Upward has to do with your impact on the world around you. This ranges from career planning to ethics in physician leadership & industry knowledge.

The photo above shows a group of NCFM residents and Dr. Cook presenting the first year of the leadership track at the STFM Annual Meeting in Toronto.