advanced maternity care track

The advanced maternity care (AMC) track is the pathway to extra didactics, workshops, and mentoring in high risk and surgical obstetrics.

There are two pathways to obtaining the AMC certificate at graduation--operative and nonoperative.

There is a monthly evening meeting with either a didactic presentation or hands on workshop of a high risk or operative obstetrics topic.

There is required teaching in an ALSO course.

There is an operative call schedule for interested residents to get experience assisting then performing cesarean delivery.

In an average year AMC residents who participate in the call schedule perform at least 100 cesarean deliveries and 100 vaginal deliveries.

Other procedure experience includes dilation and curettage, tubal ligation, external cephalic version.

At the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (STFM) annual meeting in 2019, a group of AMC residents and faculty gave a lecture presentation on the AMC track.

"Innovation in a Robust Advanced Maternity Care Track and Outcomes From the Years 2000–2018."

AAFP President, Dr. John Cullen even came to the talk and stuck around to hear more about the amazing maternity care training in Greeley on his way to the ACOG meeting the following week!