We do our best to have fun while working hard--especially during challenging times. These are some of our more light hearted moments.

Drs. Mayo, Stephanus, Ulmer, and Smith are serious about coffee

It's traditional to cheers a croissan-wich, right? Drs. Urbach, Ulmer, & Sisneros do!

Dr. Haberman and Dr. Grey practicing their casting and orthopedic skills

Dr. Dyer and Dr. Gastelum catching some weekend soccer action in the NCMC physician lounge

Dr. Stephanus excited for pizza (& medicine)

Drs. Bechis and Ulmer enjoying the weather

Dr. Gastelum and Dr. Adams working hard

Dr. Springs getting some vit D on the call room roof deck

Dr. Adams and Dr. Meyers excited to be on night float

Dr. Renecle catching up on his peanut ball yoga

Dr. Scranton having an animated conversation with his oysters

Dr. Renecle excited about LARCs

Dr. Beauprez masked up and ready to rock n' roll

interns roasting their chiefs

fine dining with Dr. Bosen

Deep thoughts with Dr. Darland and his poetry falcon

Thank goodness the interns fared better than their trees.

Dr. Dyer vacuuming.