holistic medicine

Holistic Medicine is a new track integrating principles of Lifestyle Medicine and Integrative Medicine

The Holistic Medicine Track will include:

  • Additional training related to motivational interviewing and eliciting change behavior, with the goal of better connecting with and empowering patients for lasting behavior change

  • Developing skills to cultivate a therapeutic patient-doctor relationship

  • Evidence-based education on complementary therapies not otherwise covered in conventional medical training to be used in conjunction with the conventional medicine approach

  • Experiences to equip physicians with tools that address challenging-to-treat functional and psychosomatic conditions--conditions that often do not respond to conventional interventions

  • Tools and experiences to promote personal wellness through resiliency training, burnout prevention and self-reflection, to promote longevity in their personal and professional lives

The track will have a standard curriculum that includes evidence-based didactics and online learning modules, completed over the course of residency. Additional experiential requirements will be focused on the resident’s chosen area of focus. There will be a monthly meeting to explore the wide-variety of topics related to taking a holistic approach to patient care.